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Gallery Rules

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PostSubject: Gallery Rules   Wed 03 Jun 2009, 9:07 am

While being an artist means expressing yourself however you want, please do remember that certain images may offend other users. In order to prevent this from happening, it would be preferable if you could post links to more "questionable" images. These links should be preceded by a warning on the content (i.e; "Contains slight nudity. [link here]").

An easier way is to follow Baithe's method, quoted here.

Quote :
Another good way to hide images is to use the spoiler/hide function:


To see/re-hide the image a user would simply click on the box beneath the word spoiler.

Lucas and I reserve the right to delete links or showings of any images we consider inappropriate, and not needed.

This warning pertains to images containing, but not limited to:
-Extreme amounts of gore/blood/violence

Any images with racial, religious, gender-specific, or sexuality-specific slurs should not be shared within Tempora Arae.

(These rules/guidelines can be edited whenever I or Baithe feel the need to edit them. These rules/guidelines can be added to or taken from at any time. Please make sure you read/review these guidelines and keep to them when posting your images. Thank you.)

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Gallery Rules

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