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Art Discussion Guidelines

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PostSubject: Art Discussion Guidelines   Wed 03 Jun 2009, 9:55 am

Here is where aspiring artists and art admirers can gather to discuss art.

Feel free to converse on your favorite artists and art forms, with threads ranging from Modernism to Realism to Dada, and everything in between.

But, like all our forums, there are rules that you need to abide by, for both your own good and the good of other users.

While debates on art and artists are fine and welcome, please try not to get too emotionally attatched to your side of the debate. Understand that everyone has their opinions on something, and that you cannot call them out on it. Respect others opinions and they should respect yours as well.

If you don't share the same views about a certain piece or a certain artist, feel free to share your reasons why in a civilized manner. Flaming is absolutely uneccessary and is not allowed.

Feel free to post links to your favorite art pieces or pieces that you find intriguing. If their content contains anything that may be offensive to other users, be sure to link it with a forewarning, or use the spoiler/hide method on the image.

(Baithe and I reserve the right to add, remove, or edit any of the rules posted above. We reserve the right to edit or delete posts with links or images that are completely inappropriate or deemed uneccesary. Thank you.)

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Art Discussion Guidelines

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