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[Hypnos & Thánatos]

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PostSubject: [Hypnos & Thánatos]   Sat 04 Jul 2009, 1:12 pm


This roleplay is rated NC-17 and may contain very strong sexual or offensive language and situations, strong explicit nudity, very strong gore or disturbing violence, or graphic drug abuse.

It also contains emotional and physical relationships between people of the same gender, along with the portrayal of slavery. All characters depicted are original and owned respectively by roleplayers and solely the roleplayers.

Any persons other than Hypnos or Thánatos are strongly discouraged from posting.

You are, however, welcome to lurk and enjoy. Thank you.

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PostSubject: Re: [Hypnos & Thánatos]   Sat 04 Jul 2009, 1:39 pm

It could easily be said that Nikolai Vasilev was a collector. and of many things. His estate was nearly palatial, and windowless as he required, and filled with things he'd gathered for himself over the years. The number of books was spectacular, languages both dead and still thriving inked across paper, and leather, and skins. Of course, after so many years Nikolai had begun to grow less and less enthused by collecting things, and turned to a sort of hobby that many of his brethren had long since been doing.

Collecting people.

Werewolves, he'd found, were his particular flavour. Whether it was the bitterness of the war that had been raging for years between their kids, Nikolai found himself intensely amused by plucking the mutts out of their packs and keeping them for himself. It didn't always end well, but that just meant that Nikolai would be full for quite a few days.

'But not everyone likes wolves,' Nikolai mused. The building he was in now was reminiscent of a barn, converted, but barely so. Each stall was caged off, and a variety of beasts and creatures either paced or lay still, screamed or stared in blank silence. Nikolai wandered up and down the aisle, cruel grin on crueler features, the sharp, hauntingly beautiful face of the vampire always without the least bit of guilt as he picked his next pet. There was already a crate being loaded up for him, but considerate as Nikolai rarely was, he still kept an eye out, in case something else struck his fancy.

He asked the keeper, a muscled woman taller than he was, arms laced with scars, what she had new. Her grey gaze shifted only momentarily, and Nikolai wondered if anyone but him would have caught the minuscule glance she threw to the end of the building. Nikolai made his way there quickly, footsteps quick and light and carrying him easily.

The first thing he noticed were the colors. Like a washed out version of his own Callum, pale, pink eyes, and white-blond hair. Nikolai grinned, and actually knelt down, his fangs visible against the pale rose of his lips.

He didn't speak, only smiled, eyes like emeralds, even in the dim light of the barn. The boy was small, but Nikolai found the tiny little thing endearing, obviously some sort of half-breed, with the ears and the tail. It was adorable.

Nikolai waved the keeper over, and in a few brief words and the exchanging of more coin, the thing was already purchased, and being hustled to a smaller cage to move out.

Callum had been exceedingly helpful lately, and Nikolai assumed some sort of reward was in order. Hopefully the rabbit would to. Nikolai thought it was adorable, and he was to no end amused by the similarities in their coloring. While Callum's slight tan set their skin color apart, and his eyes were a much deeper shade of raspberry, that white-blond hair was the same, laying in unruly strokes across their foreheads. Of course another difference was there as well, Callum bearing no soft, fluffy ears that begged to be stroked and run between fingers. The demon instead wore curled horns, black and shining at either side of his head.

Nikolai fingered the small silver bar that had labeled the rabbit-boy. Lapin. Oh, yes, Callum would like this one, he hoped.


The ride home took only an hour, and as pleased as he was with his latesy purchases Nikolai considered it moonlight wasted. He would need to sleep not long after arriving, before the first tinges of pink touched the sky.

He would give the little rabbit to Callum, and leave them to have the day together.

The demon, in question, was blissfully unawares of the sudden plot that would no doubt upset his life.

He'd spent his last hours before sleep running himself here and there, accounting for the various others who worked underneath Nikolai, making sure that each plan of the vampire's was still going off without a hitch. It was what Callum was good for, transporting himself in the blink of an eye to a place he only needed to have seen once before.

Not to mention his emotionless exterior seemed to remind people of just who they were dealing with. Nikolai might have seemed the quiet bookworm, but the vampire had plans that would upset those ancient and new alike.


Callum was awake when Nikolai arrived, dressed always in black and waiting at the door for the boss, Azriel at his other side, looking very much the picture of the beligerrent guard dog, while Callum fought to keep his face neutral.

The appearance of two crates was startling enough, more so when Callum saw that one was left behind in the entryway, unusual for Nikolai's purchases, which usually needed a good breaking in first.

But when the vampire did appear, he sent Azriel away first, and beckoned the blonde demon towards him, grinning almost like the child he hadn't been in centuries.

"Callum, I bought you a little something."

In itself, the sentence barely registered, pleasant surprise forcing it's way to Callum's face, the emotion faded on his features.

"Oh, lovely."

With fingers as strong as crowbars Nikolai easily tore the lid off the crate, tossing it to the side and sweeping an arm across the top of the crate.

"Isn't he adorable?"

Adorable would not have been the demon's first choice. Weak, might have been, with delicious running a close second, but not in the way Nikolai probably intended.

Callum only nodded, eyes a little wider than before as he peered into the crate. A... rabbit?

He'd always thought Nikolai had known that they didn't share the same... interests, but either way the gift was a good gesture, and Callum would be damned, more than he already was, if he was going to tell Nikolai he disliked it.

"He is, adorable." Callum added, as if Nikolai would forget the adjective he'd used.

"It's time for me to sleep, Callum. You have the day off to acquaint yourself with Lapin." With a wave of pale fingers Nikolai was gone, and Callum was left in the entryway with a large crate, filled with a pale little rabbit.

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PostSubject: Re: [Hypnos & Thánatos]   Sat 25 Jul 2009, 4:16 pm

The barn was noisy. Lapin liked loud places. Usually.

The sound of rattling chains, shrieks, the occasional scream of pain, and creatures of all sorts crashing into the bars of their cages were not the kind of noises he liked. His head hurt. For the last few hours, he had been manhandled by his ears and arms into this new cage, kicked and shouted at. The bruise on his hip from the cage door smarted. His ears were sore. It was only his second night in this dank, converted barn. Already, he was longing to leave it. He couldn’t understand why he had been sold or why he had ended up here. Lapin also wondered why the handler thought it would be good to place him between a cat and a snake.

The cat in the cage next to his sat in front of the small, plastic covered opening between their stalls. His tail flicked to the left like a whip and then to the right, keeping seconds as they passed. He licked his paws and regarded Lapin coolly, bright yellow eyes following the small rabbit wherever he moved in the cage.

The snake on his left was no better. The blue-scaled creature lay on his stomach, forked tongue striking out from his mouth every few minutes, tasting the air. His long, navy nails scratched into the ground, making random patterns in the dirt. And like the cat, his eyes didn’t leave Lapin’s body at all either. Lapin had the very distinct impression that they were imagining ways to get into his cage and torment him or eat him. He stayed close to the door of his cage, the bars cool against his skin, and watched the people coming and going out of the barn at the far entrance.

The voice of the purchaser was dark and soft, barely loud enough for Lapin’s large ears to catch from the back of the barn. Intrigued, he watched the handler move her head just slightly. The taller person made their way to the back of the barn. Lapin leaned forward eagerly against the bars of his cage, trying to see what the customer looked like, maybe this person would be a nice master who would rescue him from this place. It wasn’t until the person stood in front of the cage that Lapin figured out it was another male.

The cat in the stall next to him had disappeared from the small opening. All Lapin could hear from his stall now was hissing and spitting. The snake had stayed in place, his blue eyes watching the look that was passed over Lapin. His nails had stilled, dug into the ground deeply. The customer grinned, kneeling down in front of Lapin. The fangs lit dully in the light of the barn and Lapin focused on them instantly, attracted to the momentary glint.

Vampire. The smile seemed even more predatory than the grin and Lapin wasn’t so sure he wanted out of his cage just yet.

The handler was called back over and Lapin’s long ears pressed closer to his skull, her rough handling still fresh in his mind. He was being bought, Lapin realized faintly, coming out of his frightened trance. That meant he would be put into a crate. The customer reached forward and Lapin thought he could almost feel the cold that came from his skin reaching out. Lapin could only imagine what the vampire thought when he read the silver label or where he was being taken as he was seized from his cage.


The crate smelled of rotten food and dead things but it had nothing in it. Thankfully, Lapin didn’t have to stand in any bile or food or worse. The night air was cold on his skin as it weaved its way into the openings between the planks of wood that enclosed him. The brown shorts he was put into when he arrived at the barn not keeping him warm. He sat down and wrapped himself into a ball and tried desperately not to think of out claustrophobic he felt in such a small, dark place.

When the hour ride was over, Lapin’s crate was dropped down somewhere and he was tossed within head over heels, struggling to right himself before finally standing. The crate was just a bit bigger than him. He touched the lid and stilled as someone spoke.

Speech was well beyond Lapin. He could understand what someone was saying for the most part and parrot phrases or names if they were short and simple. Bu that was all. He had never been taught by his old master despite his ten years at the old mansion. Suddenly the crate lid was torn off and Lapin quickly held his hands to his bare chest, staring up with wide and scared pink eyes. A face peered in and Lapin shrank back instinctively, staring hard at the two black and curved horns that sprouted from the male’s light colored hair.

Adorable, he called Lapin answering what the rabbit could only guess was the customer’s voice. The same man called the horned male Callum and Lapin committed this to memory. His ears popped up curiously at his own name and he caught the sound of retreating feet.

They were alone?

Lapin curled reached up and curled his fingers on edge of the crate, standing up on his tiptoes and looking out, ears raised ever so slightly as he scanned the entrance way. It was dark and impressive. He looked at Callum. They looked surprisingly similar, he noticed. They might as well have been related except for the Callum's horns and Lapin's fluffy ears and tail setting them apart. This male didn’t look quite as frightening as the vampire. Well, actually, he didn’t look anything.

Regarding Callum for a moment longer, he raised his hands out to him, balancing carefully on the very tips of his toes. He wanted out of this stupid crate one way or another.

Where is my Hypnos? Where is my brother?
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PostSubject: Re: [Hypnos & Thánatos]   Wed 29 Jul 2009, 11:30 am

Callum, for a moment, was merely confused. Nikolai's shows of kindness had been increasing in number lately, but never to the extent of gifts like this. But the question came to him, why would Nikolai expect him to be interested in something like this? This... little rabbit.

Callum knew too well what Nikolai did with his wolves, often having to deal with them himself, though most of the work was left to Azriel, who was a bit more bloodthirsty. Surely Nikolai didn't expect the same sort of behavior with him, and certainly not with something that looked so fragile.

There was silence once Nikolai had left, Callum only able to hear his own breathing, and the slightly heavier pants of the rabbit. Lapin, wasn't that what Nikolai had called him?

"Your name is Lapin?" He asked, unsure if the thing even spoke English, sure that was a detail Nikolai would have easily overlooked. "Mine is Callum."

The demon stepped closer, hands clasped behind his back, fingers lacing and unlacing as his eyes roved over the crate, and it's occupant. The little beast had shrunk away initially, but it seemed curiosity had gotten a hold of it now. Callum watched as Lapin stood, surveying the area just inside the manor. Callum remembered his own introduction to the building. Even then it had impressed him, despite how embittered and angry at Nikolai he had been.

The little lift of soft looking ears, the scan of pale, pink eyes. He really was a frightened little rabbit, and if Callum had had the words, he wouldn't have said them. This was a place of predators. The little thing had a right to be scared witless. But it seemed then, with a lift of arms, and what Callum would have called a pleading glance, the rabbit reached out to him.

The demon blinked once more, hands falling from his sides, instinct bringing him just one step closer. It was odd, to be reached out for like this, out of pleading, want of help, rather than out of anger, or malice. He stepped closer, arms hanging into the crate for a moment, strong hands finding slim hips, curving over them. He noticed the little tail, looking just as soft as the ears were, and had Callum not been so weary of this gift and it's possible implications, he might have reached out to touch it then.

But he only tightened his grip, waiting for small arms to slide over his, hands to clasp his shoulders before he lifted high, swinging the little thing up and over the high, splintering sides of the crate. He let the rabbit down slowly, the scent filling his nostrils, making him inhale deeply. The crate had reeked of misuse, an horrible things, and the scent clung slightly to the pale rabbit, but mostly he just smelled soft, warm, pleasant. When pale little feet touched the floor he let go, hands falling back to his sides, remembering the soft feel of the rabbits skin, even under the grime of the cages or pens he'd no doubt been sleeping in.

"Let's start with a bath..." He was still talking as if the rabbit would understand. It seemed bright enough, looking around at things with interest, and smart enough to ask for help, instead of doing something stupid like rocking the crate over.

He made his way towards the stairs Nikolai had disappeared on, only instead of moving downstairs, to a hall that mirrored those above but for the lack of windows, Callum's destination was up.

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[Hypnos & Thánatos]

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